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Pension Term

Pension Term Insurance Pension Term Insurance offers valuable protection with tax savings, you can protect your family’s future with a Pension Term Insurance in the event of your death occurring before you retire and you get the added bonus of tax relief at your marginal rate of tax. With Pension Term Insurance you can potentially […]
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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance Income Protection Insurance provides you with a replacement income in the event that you are unable to work due to accident or illness. This monthly income can be used to help pay bills and living expenses until you recover and are ready to return to work. Not all employers in Ireland provide […]
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Corporate Co-Directors

Corporate Co-Directors The purposes of Corporate Co-Directors Insurance is that it allows the company buys back shares owed by a director who has died by providing funds from life assurance proceeds to purchase the shares from the director’s personal representatives. Get in touch with us
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Partnership Insurance

Partnership Insurance The purpose of Partnership Insurance is for remaining partners to buy back the share in the partnership from the partner’s personal representatives on his/her death or from the partner who suffers a serious illness. Do you need to take out a Partnership Insurance? Then you have come to the right place, Ireland Insurance […]
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Two business partners talking - co-partner insurance


Co-Directors Insurance The purpose of Co-Directors Insurance is to allow the remaining directors to buy back shares in the company from the director’s personal representatives on his/her death from the director who dies prematurely. Get in touch with us
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Business Keyperson

Business Keyperson Insurance The purpose of Business Keyperson Insurance is that the company insures the life of key employee to protect against financial consequences of his/her death or of his/her suffering a serious illness. Business Keyperson cover allows a company to replace the loss of profit and income due to the death or serious illness […]
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Couple signing documents - inheritance tax insurance

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning Insurance With Inheritance Tax Planning Insurance, the need to provide for loved ones after you die is an important issue, with a little planning under a very clever yet largely unknown revenue approved life plan, you can ensure that your beneficiaries pay minimal tax on their estate with Inheritance Tax Planning Insurance. […]
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a broken glass - commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Commercial Insurance is for businesses small or large and it offers protection against such things as damage to property, theft and liability, along with employee injuries and loss of income due to business interruptions. Depending on the type of business you have, you may want specific coverage. Why do I need Commercial Insurance? […]
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